Height: High
Attachment: Quick Attachment System with Extended Lever for Picatinny Rail
Leg material: Aluminium + Carbon
Height range: 47.5 - 85.5 cm / 18.7 - 33.7"
Height positions: 16
Leg spread: 48 - 84.5 cm / 18.9 - 33.3"
Weight: 650 grams / 23 oz


Extra strong carbon legs with anti-slip rubber pads, where aluminium is combined with carbon. Picatinny attachment with tilting function.


Tested with recoil of the .50BMG and vertical load of 100 kg / 220 pounds, this bipod is the choice of top-level shooters.


This bipod is "practical"-type where the focal point is under the barrel.


This bipod is fastened to picatinny rail with our Quick Attachment System (QAS) with Extended Lever for specially quick release. The lever of the QAS is on the left side. You can customize whether it is released pushing the lever forwards or backwards.

NA-BIP-LQE, Large, Extended Lever, 16 pos, 47.5-85.5cm / 18.7-33.3"

199,00 €Price
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