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  • height: 63 cm / 24.7"
  • weight: 425 grams / 15 oz
  • material: aluminium
  • attachment: Quick Attachment System (QAS) for Picatinny / NATO Accessory Rail
  • QAS lever: regular


Vertical extender to large bipod. Allows you to support the rifle shooting standing up. Height range using with our Large bipod: 111 - 150 cm / 43.7 - 59" (3'8 - 4'11)


Extra strong hardcoat anodized aluminium tube, stainless steel shaft bolt, long-life springs and clever design guarantee durability and low weight.

This vertical extender is fastened to Picatinny / NATO Accessory Rail via our Quick Attachment System (QAS), that is fully customizeable. You can customize:

  • the lever of the QAS can be on either side of the extender
  • QAS can be set to be released pushing the lever forwards or backwards
  • tightness of the attachment to match the tolerances of your rail


This extender has regular lever that does not protrude the extender body.


If you want the lever to protrude the body for quick detachment, choose extender with extended lever.


Vertical Extender

89,00 €Price
Tax Included
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