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  • length when fully extended: 85 mm / 3.35"
  • length when fully collapsed: 75 mm / 2.95"
  • stroke length: 10 mm / 0.4"
  • weight: 127 grams / 4.5 oz
  • weak buffer spring included


Our Hydraulic Buffer System is designed to replace regular factory 82.5 mm / 3.25" buffers.


Our drop-in Hydraulic Buffer System absorbs felt recoil far better than any regular buffer and reduced bolt carrier speed, keeping your rifle more steady and allowing for quicker follow-up shots (faster sight recovery time). It also eliminates bolt bouncing, resulting more reliable system.


Made of strong stainless steel combined with Long Life springs and durable rubber to maximize life cycle. The system comes with weak buffer spring to compensate for additional spring inside the hydraulic buffer.

Hydraulic buffer system for .223/5.56, weaker buffer spring included

135,00 €Price
Tax Included
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