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This set includes:

  • creep reducing shaft size 2 (2 pc)


These creep reducing shafts are only usable with Nord Arms triggers and only with the following models:

  • NA-TR223-C
  • NA-TR223-CS
  • NA-TR223-CM


For regular AR-15 lowers (with .154" trigger pins) see product NA-TR-SECRSS.


Due to trigger's, lower receiver's and safety shaft's manufacturing tolerances and wear, your Nord Arms trigger may express some creep (here: any positive trigger movement) while safety selector is engaged. None of our triggers have pre-travel and have very short pull (creep), so too much of trigger creep while safety selector is engaged may affect your rifle safety! Safe trigger creep while safety selector engaged should not exceed 0,20 mm / 0.008" (measured between safety selector's shaft and trigger's tail).


NB! Do NOT use screw trigger adjuster installed inside pistol grip bolt with Nord Arms triggers! This will not only reduce trigger creep while safety selector engaged, but also reduces overall trigger creep (here: any positive movement before break) as our triggers don't have pre-travel, possibly leading to unsafe operation of your rifle! With our triggers, only use our creep reducing shafts!


Two creep reducing shafts are now included with all our triggers (size 2), that will normally take care of all excessive creep. If the creep reducing shafts are missing, this shaft set is needed.


This set of creep reducing shafts will raise trigger's tail as follows (distance is the distance between safety selector's shaft and trigger's tail):


Distance  -  front shaft  -  rear shaft:

0,20 mm / 0,008"  -  size 2  -  original

0,35 mm / 0,014"  -  original  -  size 2

0,55 mm / 0.022"  -  size 2  -  size 2


    NA-TR-SECRSSC, Safety Engaged Creep Reducing Shaft Set for Colt

    6,00 €Price
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