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  • length: 36 cm / 14.2"
  • diameter: 51 mm / 2"
  • weight: 290 grams / 10.2 oz
  • Anti-Slip Rubber Patch (NA-HG223-ASRPC) included


Lightweight, strong, slim and rigid free-floating carbon handguard.


Our carbon handguards' outer diameter is only 51 mm / 2" to fit every shooter hand for firm grip, whether you grip it with bare hand or with a glove. Free-floating means the handguard does not touch the barrel and therefore does not negatively affect the accuracy of the rifle.


Big venting holes on both side allow the barrel and gas system to cool down more quickly to improve accuracy and shooters' comfort. It also reduces barrels' wear.


Our rubber anti-slip patch guarantees firm grip of otherwise slippery carbon handguard. Sand-based patches may feel painful under shooter's hand. Our rubber-based patches take care of that. Use regular scissors to cut the patch to required length.


Use picatinny rail modules (NA-HG-RC, not included) to attach bipods or other accessories to the handguard.

Handguard, 14.2", Carbon fibre tube, free float

129,00 €Price
Tax Included
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