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  • length: 38 cm / 15"
  • horizontal diameter: 43 mm / 1.7"
  • weight: 259 grams / 9.1 oz


Lightweight, strong, slim and rigid free-floating KeyMod handguard.


Our KeyMod handguards' outer diameter is only 43 mm to fit every shooters' hand for firm grip. Handguard's special contour ensures no hand slipping whatsoever, whether you grip it with bare hand or with a glove. Free-floating means the handguard does not touch the barrel and therefore does not negatively affect the accuracy of the rifle.


Our KeyMod handguard has venting holes just below picatinny rail to maximize venting. This allows the barrel and gas system to cool down more quickly to improve accuracy and shooters' comfort. It also reduces barrels' wear.


We have developed special barrel nut for our handguards (included with the handguard), that fits perfectly under gas tube allowing maximum tightening without the need to align it with upper receiver's gas hole. You will need special barrel nut wrench (NA-HG308-BNW, not included) to tighten the barrel nut.


Use picatinny rail modules (NA-HG-RKM, not included) to attach bipods or other accessories to the handguard.


The channel for the gas tube is 12 mm / 0.47" wide, so it will not fit gas blocks with larger upper part (for example our side adjustable gas block). If planning to use our gas block, choose front adjustable or non-adjustable gas block.

Handguard, AR10, KeyMod,15" free float

129,00 € Regular Price
40,00 €Sale Price
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