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  • width: 40 mm / 1.57"
  • length: 75 mm / 2,95"
  • height: 29 mm / 1.14"
  • weight: 245 grams / 8,64 oz
  • muzzle thread: M18 x 1
  • mirage shield attachment thread: M5 x 0.5
  • attachment: clamp

Our advanced geometry muzzle brakes are designed to be highly effective in eliminating felt recoil and muzzle rise for quicker, more precise follow-up shots. Advanced geometry also minimizes flash signature. Made of extremely strong steel, they outlive most of the barrels and competitors' products. 


Large ports on the sides compensate for recoil while cuts on the top compensate for muzzle rise. Ports on the sides direct exhaust gases backwards, yet past the shooter. This provides far better compensation compared to directing gases directly sideways. The bottom of the brake is designed to minimize dust printing when shooting prone. As a bonus, the aggressive looks of the brake gives your rifle that extra touch.


Firm clamp attachment eliminates the need for crush washer and allows you to easily install and to adjust the angle of the brake.


The brake is designed to look equally good on all diameter barrels. Suitable for bullet diameters up to 9.0 mm, most effective starting from 8.0 mm. To maintain its durability, modifying it to accommodate larger diameter bullets is not recommended.

Muzzle brake, 338, 40 mm, clamp, M18x1

80,00 €Price
Tax Included
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