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Laser Shot LE SIMrange Pro

See demonstration video HERE.

It is a shooting simulator produced in the USA, which is intended for shooting training. A special projector displays, for example, an IPSC shooting range on the screen, and you can practice shooting with a real pistol copy (Glock 17). Hits also change on the screen (metal targets fall accordingly, holes appear in cardboard targets), just like in real life. Unlike a computer game, where you simply point the so-called toy gun at the screen, with this simulator you have to really aim and use the sights. You can set up the simulator at home and practice shooting, you don't necessarily have to go to the shooting range.

The set includes a projector, a computer running the software, software, a keyboard, a remote control, a screen, two guns. Everything you need for training.

Special price: 15 000.-

Please contact directly:

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