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  • pull weight: 1.5 - 1.9 kg / 3.3 - 4.2 lb
  • pull length: short
  • trigger contour: straight
  • pin size: .169"
  • weight: 76 grams / 2.7 oz
  • trigger pins not included
  • Safety Engaged Creep Reducing Shaft Set for Colt (NA-TR-SECRSSC) included


This trigger is for "Colt" type lower receivers with .169" diameter trigger pins only. Trigger pins not included.


Drop-in trigger to replace factory original or any aftermarket low performance trigger. Used and recommended by champions.


This single stage trigger has short smooth creep and delivers pleasant rolling break. Our triggers are made to last - all parts are made of strong materials, springs are made of stainless steel and are with long lifespan. Hammer weight and spring strength are carefully tested to activate the primers of all different .223 Rem / 5.56 NATO cartridges.


NB! This trigger will not allow you to cycle the rifle when safety selector is engaged!

Trying to do so may result in breakage of the trigger!


Oversize steel trigger pins for maximum 22.5 mm / 0.89" wide lower receiver included. No anti-walk pins are needed as the trigger pins will be firmly locked in place.


This trigger has adjustable trigger pull, but it is highly recommended not to play around with the settings to maintain safe action!


Two creep reducing shafts are included (size 2) to reduce excessive creep while safety selector engaged. Combining these two will normally take care of all excessive creep.


The Truth About Guns tested 13 drop-in triggers. Our trigger received very warm welcome. Click here for results.


NA-TR223-CS, Advanced Drop-In Strong Trigger for Colt, 1.5-1.9 kg / 3.3-4.2&nbs

159,00 €Price
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